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Setting a OpenVPN Server

Are you feeling unsecured about your data transmitting over Internet? Want to access blocked content in your country? (Please comply with your country’s law, failing to which you may land in jail) This article will guide you to set a OpenVPN Server and access content securely over Internet.

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Host multiple website on Apache Web Server!

When now days its getting economical to have a server, the need of hosting many website on single server is in demand. This article will cover how to host multiple instance of website on a Apache web server.

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Password Less Login via SSH

In this article, we will see how to access remote PC/Server via ssh without using password. Password less access can be useful in time saving.

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Speaking Clock Script

A shell script which runs and tell time every 30 minutes.

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Update Your Linux Box Status to Twitter Using oAuth

Guide for updating System Uptime to twitter using oAuth and PHP

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